Our Story

How It All Began


After years of collecting experience from her mother, Mrs. Gancheva opened her own wedding agency together with her husband in the city of Varna, where she moved for her university studies. This is how around 24 years ago the story of "Mirena" began.

Achieving 1500 Happy Customers


It is nearly impossible to describe what emotions the achievement of 1500 happy customers caused for Family Ganchevi. It was a perfect occasion to look back in time, to chat about memories and to think about how important their work is for the happiness of their customers.

Looking Into The Future


The pandemic was a difficult period for the wedding industry - due to restrictions the flow of customers was reduced and the challenges affected also "Mirena". But Family Ganchevi proved that their agency is here to stay! Now they are looking into the bright future with the mission to make the dreams of many new couples come true.